T-ara- More Roly Poly photo



  1. angela19231 · June 22, 2011

    i like eunjung picture and the style she wear and look ,she verry attractive ,…. in any way she did ….

    • shaghayeghk · June 23, 2011

      i like eunjung too…she is photogenic and attractive 🙂

  2. سلام سلامممم شقی جونمممممممم
    وایییییییییییییی عجب عکساییییییییییییییییییییی
    دق کردم و این اول جولای نیومد…احساسم بهم میگه این کام بکشون خیلی میترکونه
    دستت دردنکنه ضقس جونممممم ♥

    • shaghayeghk · June 23, 2011

      are axashoon kheyli bahaleeeeeee manam kheyli doost daram albumeshoon zoodtar biyaddddd…khahesh mikonam maryam joonam

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